Kartaca's parent company Parkyeri has been developing unique database management solutions since 2005. Together with the free software community, Kartaca helps improving the world-famous PostgreSQL Database Management System. On PostgreSQL, clustering systems are developed and consultancy services are provided by Kartaca.

Among Kartaca team there are internationally accredited PostgreSQL developers. Both to public and private institutions, we offer our own developed database management system PyPgSQL and clustering system PyPgCluster. Consultancy services for these products are provided as well.

PostgreSQL Database Server

We provide our clients with consultancy, upon any need regarding their PostgreSQL database servers. To help our clients, we fully use our PostgreSQL knowledge and experience to the full extent of our service agreement.

PostgreSQL Support and Consultancy Services offered are as followed:

  • Administration
    • Database tuning
    • SQL tuning
    • Backup and maintenance
    • Installation of advanced system restore infrastructure
    • Operating system tuning
    • Investigation of query and index successes
    • System reporting
    • Disk usage analysis
  • Project management
  • Application and overhead analysis
  • Database server installation
  • Database design
  • Application development on PostgreSQL
  • PostgreSQL training
    • Introductory level for everyone
    • Intermediary level geared for database administrators
    • Advanced level for system administrators
  • System restore
    • Restore from archive logs
    • Restore form backups
    • Corrupted data backup
  • Replication
    • Multi master to multi slave replication installation and configuration
    • Load-balancer installation and configuration