How We Work

In Kartaca we value employees’ right to determine their own working hours as much as Kartaca’s team-work approach. Therefore we promote semi-flexible working hours, and have our own right to determine our weekly schedule, as long as it is acceptable by the team members. We work 40 hours a week and start working between 8AM and 10AM everyday.

Team-work is one of the key factors for the success of our effective support and customer satisfaction. Our matrix organizational structure is composed of following departments and teams. Teams are set up according to our products and services, whereas departments are divided with regard to personal competences. Teams consist of employees of different departments.

Our teams are:

  • End-user Services
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Internet and E-commerce
  • Kartaca

The first two teams work on mobile applications, Internet& E-commerce team works on e-commerce and e-business services, Kartaca team is responsible for internal environment needs.

Departments are set up according to competences:

  • Application and Service Development department is responsible for actual development of Kartaca solutions and products. This department consists of people who are experts on software architectures, project management, software development and software developing processes.
  • Product and Service Management department makes sure that our products and services run 24/7 without any problems. System maintenance, system tests, system analysis and system design are the department's duties.
  • Customer Relations department considers our clients' needs and demands to ensure them getting a service, which is beyond their expectations.
  • Business Development and Strategy department determines corporate strategy to ensure that developed products and services are beyond today's needs of the market.
  • Sales and Marketing department is responsible for advertising and sales of services, solutions and products developed by Kartaca.
  • Human Resources and Administration department works in a timely manner to analyze human resource needs, supply those and to keep work motivation in a high level.
  • Accounting and Finance