Human Resources

Kartaca is a young, dynamic software development company embracing open source technologies and its philosophy. We foster high energy and team-oriented culture focused on delivering the highest levels of support service and software excellence.

Our HR vision is to provide a comfortable working environment, where our employees can freely challenge the limits of their creativity and innovation. We encourage our employees to promote new ideas, new solutions, and new approaches to our projects. We want all our employees feel that they are part of Kartaca team and actively participate to managerial process from day 1. Considering that satisfied employee creates admired companies both for employees and customers, we aim to offer a work environment ensuring the harmony and the motivation between team members.

Kartaca's management policy encourages employees to take initiatives on decision making processes and take different responsibilities regarding their personal choices and talents. By this way, each employee can be capable of holding responsibility, making and orienting decisions and participating fully in the company's managerial process.

We encourage our employees to demonstrate their talents and skills in the right field and support them with our training policy.