Integrated Messaging

Integrated Messaging Systems are applications where an advanced web-client managing all SMS, MMS and e-mail services are provided for GSM operator subscribers. For operators, Kartaca offers a totally integrated messaging structure, which has all common properties of Kartaca applications.

With Integrated Messaging Systems different marketing scenarios can be realized and managed, within a single channel. These type of systems help creating noteworthy value added services and therefore, a significant revenue for the operators.

Kartaca's solution

Kartaca offers scalable, high achieving, secure, easily integrable and customized Integrated Messaging Systems for operators.

Today, various GSM operators around the globe are using Kartaca's Integrated Messaging Systems in a uniquely customized fashion to provide best services to their subscribers.


  • Web-based user, website administration and reporting interfaces
  • Integration points:
    • SMSC
    • MMSC
    • E-mail servers
    • Billing systems
    • Subscribers database and applications
    • Contact list database and applications
    • Marketing campaign management database and applications
    • SSO (Single-Sign-On) structure
    • USSD
  • Different types of messaging through single interface (SMS, MMS, E-mail)
  • Contact list autosearch and autocompletion when composing messages
  • Contact list creation and editing
  • Group creation and management
  • MMS Composer support
  • Sending a single message to many contacts
  • Sending a single message to a group
  • Capability of forwarding mobile messages to the application
  • Scalable, high achieving and secure platform infrastructure
  • Theme support (available for different user groups or marketing campaigns)
  • Advanced reporting and support interfaces

Contact us for the detailed specification of the solution.

Who can benefit?

  • GSM operators


Kartaca -both on its own and under its parent company Parkyeri- has developed integrated messaging system solutions for various GSM operators around the globe. Some of them are:

  • Turkcell - Mesajlarım
  • Life - Bimeka