Internship at Kartaca

Internship positions are available at Kartaca. A minimum of 2 months full-time commitment is required for internship positions during June-September. Under this regulation, we aim to get a satisfying feedback both for the intern and the company, considering all the effort put by both sides.

Internship application announcements are made through our website, every year during March-April. After reviewing applicant resumes, we invite some of the applicants to our office located at Esenler, Istanbul. In a timely manner all applicants, including the ones being rejected, are informed upon the process.

Every Kartaca intern has a supervisor controlling intern's intracompany trainings, making sure that the intern is assigned with meaningful work and tracking intern's personal development. Besides, evaluation meetings are held regarding interns' works and personal development. All Kartaca interns are compensated during the period of their internship.

You can follow yearly announcements regarding internship applications. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact