Location Based Services

Location Based Services are provided both for individuals and corporate clients. Basically, the services are grouped under 2 main categories, depending on whether queries are performed upon request of the users or queries are performed automatically by the application itself.

In location based services of the first type, users would like to use an application depending on their location. Applications below are some examples for these type of services:

  • Location based infotainment services: Users types "LOCATE RESTAURANT" and send SMS to short number. Then, information about closest five popular restaurants is delivered.
  • Location based mobile game: Through WAP service or SMS, users can flag their location in a mobile game.
  • Location based social network: Services allowing users to define their social network details as location based. This service is offered both for individuals and corporate clients.

Services periodically querying user's location, either automatically by the application itself or by the application administrator are the latter type of location based services. Applications below are some examples for these type of services:

  • Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management: Services offered for firms, which they can use without any investment in hardware nor software and can be easily integrated to other services.
  • "Where Is..." services: "Where Is My Buddy?", "Where Is My Child?" etc.

These applications require prior permission taken from involved users and subscribers.

Kartaca's solution

Kartaca's solutions with Web, WAP, mobile application and messaging interfaces can realize all above mentioned service types. Kartaca has two different platforms for location based services:

1. Mobile service platform with integrated location based infrastructure

Through this platform, location based infotainment services and various mobile marketing scenarios can be provided.

  • Web-based content management, application administration and reporting interfaces
  • Subscription structure can be defined
  • Restricted content to either individuals or a group of subscribers
  • Content creation and presentation in various types (SMS, MMS, WAP Push, WAP pages)
  • Outdated news can be reached by performing specific queries
  • Venue, event, promotion queries
  • Alphanumeric description for messages
  • WAP support for all services
  • Content and promotion delivery through WAP
  • Reporting on date, keyword and MSISDN bases
  • Advanced reporting and support interfaces
  • Creation of periodic delivery content
  • Different types of messaging through the same service
  • Unlimited keyword support

2. Location Based Application Platform (LBAP)

A platform designed both for individuals and corporate clients. Social network structure, vehicle tracking, "Where Are My Closest Ones" and more can be provided within this platform.

  • Custom developed architecture for location based applications
  • Scalable and high achieving application structure
  • Web-based content management, application administration and reporting interfaces
  • Parallel development with other location based applications
  • Application development services for Web, WAP, mobile applications and messaging interfaces
  • API support for clients - which can be written in any language
  • Spot, line, polygon etc. detection with layered and spatial database structure
  • Interaction between data types (content, venue, event, vehicle location)
  • Integrated commenting, voting and promotion capabilities
  • Integration with social network structure
  • User roles and authorization
  • SMS queries

Contact us for the detailed specification of the solution.

Who can benefit?

  • GSM operators
  • Corporations willing to develop location based applications
  • Software companies willing to develop location based applications
  • Mobile marketing agencies
  • Content providers


  • Turkcell Gezeğlen (2003-2009): Location based infotainment service
  • Burası Benim: Location based mobile game