MMS Portal

MMS Portals are applications enabling MMS creation and sending by users to other users' mobile phones and/or e-mail addresses.

Kartaca's solution

Kartaca offers various MMS portal solutions with regard to its customers' needs. Through MMS portals, GSM operators and other corporate organizations can offer MMS services to their subscribers, customers or members.

Besides helping application providers generate income, MMS portals offer users an easy and fun way to create MMS messages. Users can find content under different categories, create their messages and send them to whoever they want.


  • Web-based user, content provider, website administration and reporting interfaces
  • Moderation structure between content and website management
  • Capability of working with multiple content providers
  • User friendly and visually rich interface
  • Multilingual support
  • MMS Composer (Drag&drop content creation)
  • MMS creation with text, picture, audio and video
  • Templates and custom content upload
  • Converting content types to formats that mobile phones can render
  • Preview with various devices
  • Sending a single message to many contacts
  • Sending content to a phone number and/or to an e-mail address
  • MMS Composer support
  • Integration points:
    • MMSC (MM7 ve MM3 support)
    • E-mail servers
    • Billing systems
    • SSO (Single-Sign-On) structure

Contact us for the detailed specification of the solution.

Who can benefit?

  • GSM operators
  • Corporations
  • Content providers
  • Other organizations willing to offer MMS portal services


Kartaca -both on its own and under its parent company Parkyeri- has developed various MMS portal solutions. Some of them are:

  • Turkcell - MMS Yarat
  • Life - MMS Yarat