Mobile Campaign Management

Mobile marketing campaigns allow companies to effectively reach their customers, with low cost but with high interactivity and feedback. Furthermore, mobile marketing campaigns offer great opportunities either introducing a new brand or creating brand loyalty. Everyday mobile marketing campaigns become more and more widespread.

Kartaca's solution

As Kartaca; we offer various solutions for developing mobile marketing campaigns and following their feedback scores. Organizations can set up and administrate any type of promotions (including drawings and contests) through flexible applications and web-based administration interfaces developed by Kartaca.


  • Web-based user, administration and reporting interfaces
  • Campaign creation and management interfaces
  • Campaign time periods may be specified
  • Unlimited keyword support
  • More than 100.000 queries per hour are supported
  • Reporting on campaign, date, keyword and MSISDN bases
  • Blacklist management
  • Advanced integration structure

Contact us for the detailed specification of the solution.

Who can benefit?

  • GSM operators
  • Mobile marketing agencies
  • Other corporate organizations
  • Content providers


  • Kartaca's mobile marketing campaign solutions have been used by Turkcell in numerous applications.