Permission Marketing

Permission marketing consists of advertising and marketing activities where bulk messaging is involved. These applications require more complex infrastructure, technology and features than both simple bulk messaging and target marketing.

Distinguishing characteristic of permission marketing applications is that only opted-in users are included within the campaign. Therefore a separate database of opted-in users should be available for permission marketing activities. Target audience is chosen among the users in the separate database. Maximum customer satisfaction is attained without disturbing the rest of subscribers.

Kartaca's solution

Kartaca offers customized permission marketing solutions with its own developed powerful products.

Kartaca's permission marketing platform allows operators to provide services to more than one mobile marketing agency with the single database of opted-in users. This workflow allows generating income for both operators and institutions using the database of opted-in users. Mobile marketing agencies can benefit from Kartaca's permission marketing solution by offering advertisers more effective and interactive campaigns.

Applications running on top can be easily installed and managed thanks to the advanced and flexible infrastructure. Kartaca also offers database design services for operators who do not have an opted-in users database available.


  • Web-based agency, operator administration and reporting interfaces
  • Capability of offering different campaigns for different agencies using the same database of opted-in users
  • Workflow management and approval mechanism different authorization levels
  • Messaging interface with adding and editing capabilities
  • Messaging date and time may be specified
  • Target group creation, updating and deleting
  • Messaging list creation and management
  • One or more target groups may be specified for each message
  • Various message types (SMS, MMS, WAP Push)
  • Reporting on campaign, date, keyword and MSISDN bases
  • DLR support where available
  • Alphanumeric description for messages
  • Filtering options (through database, file or remote service)
  • Black- and whitelist management
  • Setting daily or weekly message limits is possible
  • Advanced integration structure
  • High accessibility and performance through distributed system structure
  • Zero data loss thanks to database backups

Contact us for the detailed specification of the solution.

Who can benefit?

  • GSM operators


Kartaca's parent company Parkyeri was awarded with the Most Successful Infrastructure Provider Prize of the year 2010, with permission marketing system HaberdarEt developed by Kartaca. Parkyeri is a Turkcell Gold Partner.

  • Turkcell HaberdarEt