Social Network Services

Social Network Services allow people to integrate their physically existing social life to the virtual environments created by web and/or mobile platforms. Virtual environments offer an enhanced social experience through strong knowledge sharing and communication features.

With around 1 billion users, where tons of new content are uploaded and downloaded daily, social networks are an indispensable channel for the media. Kartaca offers infrastructure and service solutions on social networks.

Kartaca's solution

Kartaca's social network solutions are provided through Kartaca Social Network Platform. It is an advanced social network solution whose all components have been developed by Kartaca.

Various social network applications -both on web and mobile platforms- can be developed by using some or all of its features.


  • Flexible platform structure that can be used for different types of social networks
  • Different roles and permissions for users (User, Premium User, Editor, Administrator etc.)
  • Social network components
    • Profile creation
    • Status updates
    • Online/offline statuses
    • Membership statuses (active/closed)
    • Advanced privacy settings allowing people to share what they would like to
    • Search facility making advanced searches among events, groups and people possible
    • Photo, video and audio content creation
    • Site-wide messaging
    • Comments (on any allowed content)
    • Group creation and management
    • Event creation and management
    • Users can follow news about their own network through the activity log
    • "Find Friends", "Invite Friends" and friendship management
    • Rating for all types of content
    • "I Like" feature both for content-types and comments
    • Flagging mechanism (for any "inappropriate" content including individual profiles and groups)
    • Newsletter
    • Chat
    • Integration with our social networks (Login with Facebook Connect)
  • Integration with Kartaca Location Based Application Platform
  • Promotion structure and further integration with Kartaca mobile marketing systems
  • Mobile messaging structure
  • Scalable and high achieving application structure
  • I18n structure supporting applications of any language
  • API support for clients - which can be written in any language

Contact us for the detailed specification of the solution.

Who can benefit?

  • GSM operators
  • Mobile marketing agencies
  • Content providers
  • Other corporate organizations
  • Application developing firms