Target Marketing

Target marketing consists of bulk messaging applications, where target groups for each message may be independently chosen. Target groups are chosen in accordance with corporations' needs, who are running the marketing campaign. The goal is delivering the message at right time to the right target audience.

Kartaca's solution

With the capability of starting, running and managing marketing activities in this field; Kartaca offers customized solutions for its customers. Advanced solutions for mobile marketing teams are easily installable and manageable thanks to the flexible infrastructure provided by Kartaca.


  • Web-based user, administration and reporting interface
  • Campaign creation and management with different authorization levels
  • Messaging interface with adding and editing capabilities
  • Messaging date and time may be specified
  • Target group creation, updating and deleting
  • Messaging list creation and management
  • One or more target groups may be specified for each message
  • Various message types (SMS, MMS, WAP Push)
  • Reporting on campaign, date, keyword and MSISDN bases
  • DLR support
  • Alphanumeric description for messages
  • Filtering options (through database, file or remote service)
  • Setting daily or weekly message limits is possible
  • Advanced integration structure
  • Structure designed for high performance
  • Zero data loss thanks to database backups

Contact us for the detailed specification of the solution.

Who can benefit?

  • GSM operators
  • Mobile marketing agencies


Turkcell relies on Target Marketing solution developed by Kartaca under its parent company Parkyeri.

  • Turkcell - HedefliMesaj (Turkcell HedefliMesaj application uses only opted-in users database.)