Mobile Device Applications

Mobile Device Application solutions developed by Kartaca can be grouped under these categories:

  • Android Applications
  • iPhone Applications
  • Java (J2ME) Applications
  • Games
  • WAP Sites

Kartaca solutions

Kartaca has a great experience on WAP applications.

Besides, Kartaca is a certified iPhone Developer. Solutions of all scales listed above are realized by Kartaca applications developed in cooperation with Kartaca's business partners.

Providing solutions, Kartaca's own developed infrastructure products are used, custom solutions from scratch can be developed as well.


  • Applications compatible with all devices
  • Transcoding
  • Rendering
  • Application management from a single interface
  • ADC (automatic device configuration) integration
  • Scalability, performance, high-accessibility and security

Contact us for the detailed specification of the solution.

Who can benefit?

  • Companies willing to develop applications for mobile devices


Kartaca -both on its own and under its parent company Parkyeri- has developed various mobile device application solutions. Some of them are:

  • Turkcell - Turkcell-im WAP Portal
  • Turkcell - Gezeğlen WAP Site
  • NTV - NBA Turkey WAP Portal
  • Turkcell - Vatanspor WAP Site
  • Etisalat Dubai - CepTV
  • Turkcell - Burası Benim - Location based game - Through WAP&SMS
  • Etisalat Dubai - MVA (My Voice Animated) WAP Application
  • Turkcell - Çalarken Dinlet WAP Portal
  • Ericsson - Inmovies Java Application